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As you may have guessed, this is Risa.  Risa is a 3-year
old mixed breed that I rescued from a shelter July 15,
2006.  I don't know exactly what mix she is but it's likely
she has herding breeds in her background.  Risa is
currently enrolled in Level 3 obedience class (the final
level) and is involved in canine freestyle.  We will be
starting agility as soon as possible and I hope Ris will be
able to try for her CGC this fall.
Risa's Story
How she managed to become a
member of my family.
Risa's Hangouts
Places Risa loves to spend her time.
Risa's Friends
Dogs and people Risa hangs out with.
Risa's Obedience Classes
Information on Ris' training and her class
Canine Freestyle
Risa's class diary, videos and pictures
of our demos, information on freestyle.
Risa's class diary, photos, and more.
Risa's Family
Photos and information on Ris' family
Links to sites Risa and I frequent as
well as places to find information on
dogs and dog activities.
Risa's Diet
Risa is a raw-fed dog!  (Squeamish
people may wish to avoid this section.)
Risa's Health
Information and updates on any of Ris'
major health concerns.
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Photo Album
Pictures of Risa.