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Risa isn't the only crazy hairball in my home!  I am also
slave to two teddy guinea pigs, Kira and Dusti.  

I got Kira in November of 2004.  I had graduated from
college in May and I really wanted a pet.  I had been
owned by guinea pigs before during my childhood
(Rusty, Rascal, Coco and Micah) and thought I could
convince my parents to let me have another.  I did, and
Kira came home with me.  

Kira is a golden agouti teddy guinea pig.  Her Birthday
was October 25, 2004.  She is an absolute sweetheart
of a guinea pig and nothing seems to phase her.  
She's very outgoing for a guinea pig and extremely laid
back.  I can do pretty much anything I want to her and
she just doesn't seem to mind.  She is perfectly
comfortable with Risa and has been known to go
literally nose to nose with her.  In fact, Risa is more
likely to run from Kira than Kira is to run from Risa!
Kira's main nickname is 'The Angel' because she
rarely does anything wrong.
Guinea pigs are social creatures and I felt bad that
Kira was living alone.  I wanted to get her a friend but
my parents told me I couldn't as long as I was living
under their roof.  So I moved out.  

So, almost exactly a year later in November 2005, I
brought home Dusti.  Dusti is a black roan teddy
guinea pig who was born on October 18, 2005.  She is
a bit different from Kira in personality.  She is very
affectionate, like Kira, but less outgoing.  Dusti would
rather hide from new people than go and check them
out.  She behaves much more like you'd expect a
guinea pig to.  However, she is no longer afraid of
Risa.  She is not comfortable enough to allow Ris to
investigate her too much but she will permit it for a
while.  Dusti's nickname is 'The Punk' because of her
white mohawk.  She also has a bit of an attitude when
it comes to her roommate, Kira.
Then there is, of course, me.  I'm by far probably the
least interesting member of the household.

I'm employed as a graphic artist/animator and I also do
art commissions on the side.  I'm also the Art Director
Karl's Kids Program, Inc.  

I enjoy sports and competed in track and basketball in
high school.  As far as watching sports, my two loves
are college basketball and football.

I've been drawing all my life and I just love animals.  My
favorite animals are definitely canines.

Ever since I found out about agility, I really wanted to
get involved in it.  However, I didn't have a dog.  Now
that I do, that is my main goal.  I'm hoping I am able to
compete with Risa since I think she'll do great in that
venue.  If not, I guess my agility dreams will have to lie
with my next dog.  I'm really enjoying canine freestyle
as well.  I never thought I would!