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When I first brought her home, Risa wasn't too
sure about other dogs.  I didn't really know any
dogs for Risa to play with either.  But that changed
the day we met Parker, the Corgi, and his owners.

From day one, Parker insisted on playing with
Risa.  He was a puppy, after all.  It took a month,
but Parker's persistence paid off.  Risa finally felt
comfortable enough to play with him.  They've
been best buddies ever since.  
In late winter, Parker got a new 'brother'
named Bear.  Ris seemed to overflow with
enthusiasm for the puppy.  It turns out Bear
is even more submissive than Risa.  Much
of his interactions with her are spent kissing
her muzzle.  But he does like to chase her
even if his short legs can't keep up!